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SANE exists to provide emotional support and information to anyone affected by mental illness. There are 3 main ways to reach us: Phone, Textcare and via our Support Forum. Please click on the buttons below to access help.

Our services are completely confidential and whatever your problems or concerns, you will receive non- judgemental emotional support. Our professional staff and highly trained volunteers have specialist mental health knowledge. They will help you to recover your health and regain your life.


Experiences of depression can vary from individual to individual, but it is often felt and described as a blackness, a heavy weight, an emptiness, as if the life source or spirit has been extinguished.You may feel removed from other people, aware that your experience of life is different, and uncertain about how or whether you can relate to others, or indeed if you want to relate to or engage with them, or with the world outside yourself.

When depressed, you may feel hopeless and unable to see any positives in life; this is a very difficult reality to live with, but for that time, it is your reality, indeed the only reality. It can also be difficult to realise that previously enjoyable or fulfilling activities may no longer provide any sense of pleasure or satisfaction. This may serve to isolate you from others.In severe cases, feelings of emptiness, bleakness, helplessness and worthlessness may be such that one loses any sense of a meaning in life, or suicidal feelings emerge.

Some people, particularly if they have had depression over a long period of time may learn to put on a ‘mask’, to present a lighter, brighter face to others than they actually feel inside. This may be because they feel they ‘can’t’ or ‘shouldn’t’ show their real selves to others; that they may be rejected if they do so. This can make it very hard for individuals to ask for help, and make it difficult for others to recognise that you need help and support.

SANE has produced a fact sheet on depression focusing on symptoms, treatment and support options available.

You can also download Understanding Depression by Ana Sokolovic. The full range of Ana's work can be found in our resources section.