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Black Dog Campaign


In this section people share a Black Dog Diary with us - their experience of depression and mental illness. If you would like to share your experience please email your story to the media team:

Ellen_ArnisonEllen Arnison

After the birth of her third son, Ellen was diagnosed with post-natal depression. Ellen began writing to help her feel better, and is now an avid blogger. Here she tells us her story.

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Chris_BridgesChris Bridges

Chris has suffered from episodes of severe depression and associated anxiety disorders since he was 15. Here he tells us his experience and thoughts on the Black Dog Campaign.

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Caroline_CarrCaroline Carr

Several years ago Caroline's husband was diagnosed with depression. Here she shares her experience of depression.

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John_CraceJohn Crace

John Crace writes The Guardian's Digested Read. In this excerpt from his book Vertigo, he tells us how football helps with his depression.

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Michael_RichmondMichael Richmond

Michael was in his second year of university when he started to suffer from panic attacks. Upon returning home he sank into a severe depression. Here he shares his story and explains how writing has helped him.

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Mark_ShepherdMark Shepherd

Following his own experience of depression, Mark Shepherd developed a website to explain some of what he had learnt. He is also an avid blogger about mental health and work.

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Philip_WoodPhilip Wood

Philip has suffered from depression and anxiety from a young age. Now at 62 he shares his Black Dog diary with SANE.

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In this Black Dog diary we hear about one persons struggle with depression and Pure O - a type of obsessive compulsive disorder.

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A story about depression and mental health issues from a transgender perspective.

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Gareth explains why finding the courage to speak out about his depression was so hard, but ultimately so important for him.

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Mark has suffered from depression since his teenage years. After a long period of struggling with the Black Dog he explains how it is now more placid and manageable.

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