Black Dog Campaign


SANE is delighted to announce that ASDA has made a commitment to better workplace mental health by joining the Black Dog Campaign! 

With over 180,000 employees, embracing the Black Dog Campaign is a hugely positive step for ASDA, and will help tackle mental health stigma that is still prevalent in society. Employees across the country have taken part in a number of mental health awareness raising and anti-stigma events over the past year, and exciting plans are on place for the coming months. ASDA’s involvement in the Black Dog Campaign will impact on the lives of thousands of people affected by mental illness.

In May this year, ASDA will be launching its very own Black Dog! A company-wide competition is being held for all staff, in order to name their new Black Dog. Some popular suggestions so far have been Shadow, Freedom, and of course, George! The ASDA Dog will play a vital role in spreading the messages of hope, acceptance and recovery from mental illness, as it travels from store to store across the UK.

SANE is overjoyed to have partnered with ASDA in their mission of changing workplace mental health for good!