Black Dog Campaign


"SANE and their Black Dog Campaign has my fullest possible support. What they are doing is wonderful and important." Stephen Fry


Our grateful thanks also to the following individuals:

Anna Albright is working with a group of colleagues across the mental health profession to help raise awareness of the Black Dog Campaign, and has sponsored our Doctor Dog statue. Anna is a cognitive behavioural therapist and has written an insightful booklet on depression.

Marie Helvin is a fashion model who has appeared in many fashion stories for British Vogue, and worked for designers including Yves Saint Laurent, Versace and Valentino. We are grateful for Marie's hard work and commitment to the Black Dog Campaign.

David Barrere, Victoria Betton, Elizabeth Boyling, Dr Mark Collins, Morney & Ian Hay Davison, Dr Elza Eapen, Charlotte Franklin, Ros & Anthony Furlong, Karen Levy, Lara Limata-Adams, Annie Macdonald, Dr Jeremy Pfeffer, Dr Nina Storms, Lady Juliet Tadgell, Dr Gillian Waldron.

Finally, our thanks to the following organisations for their support:




If you would like to support SANE's Black Dog Campaign please contact Jo Christophi, head of fundraising and marketing, on 020 3805 1790 or email