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Tribe collaboration blogs

The aim of Black Dog Tribe is to get people talking more openly about mental health and, by doing so, stop stigma. Below is a list of our regular tribe collaboration blogs, which show some of the lively conversations and discussions that occur across our social networks and forum. Whether you need advice in times of need or a safe place to vent on all sorts of difficult topics, the tribe is here for you.

How to deal with upsetting or negative thoughts

In a recent good morning post, we shared an image illustrating how difficult it can be to switch off your brain and ignore unwanted thoughts when you have depression or anxiety, and we requested that you offer snippets of support to fellow tribers in need.

The response was enormous! Here, we have assembled your tried-and-tested mind-clearing tips.

Tips on how to get a good night's sleep

Many tribers agreed that the link between not enough sleep and mental illness, particularly depression, is very common, and were very keen to hear the tribe’s collective wisdom.

Over 50 tribers came together to share their secrets to getting a good 40 winks.