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Problem with mental health support

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Problem with mental health support

Postby mj3000 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:46 pm

I have got an appointment with a psychologist I’ve seen before and a support worker who I don’t really like, she was rude and aggressive the last time I had a meeting with her and I don’t want to go to another meeting with her. I was sectioned a few years ago and tried to commit suicide a few times in my late teens which got me involved with the mental health services in my area.

The problem is that was nearly 20 years ago and things are different now. It seems what was considered normal then is not now and things are different with what people consider acceptable behaviour. And the problem is this support worker is just weird, I don’t agree with her over hardly anything and she seems mean and judgemental in a negative way against me and treats me like I am stupid. In truth I cannot really stand her attitude and personality.

I am planning not to go to meeting and I don’t want really to see the support worker again because of the personality clash, but my situation is bad, I am on benefits and live in a housing association flat which I might want to end up moving out of due to noisy and rude neighbours.

People used to listen to me years ago, but now they often dismiss what I say, which is frustrating, this is why I don’t want to go to the meeting because I got dismissed so bad the last time that I felt like committing suicide again.

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Re: Problem with mental health support

Postby deb1960 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 8:46 pm


If she makes you feel so bad it doesn't seem a good idea to see her.

In England and Wales the charity MIND have centres in various areas. I would suggest you give them a ring and hopefully they can help you.

Take care
Deb x

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Re: Problem with mental health support

Postby amaya » Mon Jan 01, 2018 3:53 pm

I would ring the main number for the community mental health team and ask to speak with the support workers manager. Tell them clearly how it makes you feel and request a new worker. You don't have to see someone who makes you feel like that. I have been in the same position and I never had to see the worker again. It can be very empowering, but if it is difficult for you maybe you can ask someone to make the call with you.

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Re: Problem with mental health support

Postby rsxo » Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:50 pm

Hi mj3000,

Sorry to hear what you're going through. If you're describing your support worker as aggressive, that rings alarm bells straight away. And if I had a penny for every time I heard someone with mental health issues say that they are being ignored or dismissed, I'd have enough money to rebuild the whole systemx

All I can say is that you have to keep screaming until someone decides to listen. Keep fighting to have your voice heard - I know it's hard and may seem pointless, but I'm not sure what else can be done to be honest.

Here for youx

Much love <3
RSxo <3

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