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Angry - tw abuse mentioned

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Angry - tw abuse mentioned

Postby deefish » Sun Dec 17, 2017 5:56 pm

I have been feeling angry and aggressive for several month.
I was referred to the home treatment team who didn't visit some days when they should have, then their doctor discharged me as he said I was better. I said that I didn't feel better, but it didn't make any difference.
Nothing I do makes me feel better.
I saw psychiatrist in October. I told her about constantly feeling angry and aggressive and that I erupt over the slightest thing. All she said is that I am on the right medication and to make an appointment for six months.
I have historical abuse as well as two more recent. The two recent ones were reported and perpetrators were convicted at crown court.
The psychiatrist said that as I had some specialised counselling and I attended a "cope and recover" course that the incident is resolved. I wish it was that simple.
I am now shouting at people who annoy me when I'm walking my dog.
No one has offered any coping strategies to cope with flashbacks or anger. I also have ptsd and dissociative disorder according to counsellor.
Any advice or help please.

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Re: Angry - tw abuse mentioned

Postby sirhugo » Mon Dec 18, 2017 4:06 pm

can i ask, when you have a bout of anger, do you feel any better after it comes out?

holding all your anger in may be making it worse. finding a healthy way to release it might improve things

one thing thats worked for me in the past is to wrap something around your head, like a towel or bedsheet, then scream and loud as you can. the screaming helps get your anger out and wrapping your head muffles the noise

other people have mentioned to me that channelling there anger into sports, like boxing or martial arts, is therapeutic for them

i would also go back to the doctor and insist they nothing is working and they need to look at other options

good luck to you

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Re: Angry - tw abuse mentioned

Postby amaya » Tue Dec 19, 2017 8:29 pm

You need to see a different psychiatrist for a second opinion I think. I say this because your PTSD symptoms are really screaming out to be paid attention to and you should not have to wait six months. You probably need a more indepth therapy for the PTSD and a meds reviews. If this is how much you are struggling everyday then your psychiatrist is wrong to leave it how it is, it needs addressing. If you call the mental health team again and ask to see someone else, do you have a friend that could come the the appointment with you so that you don't get fobbed off again?

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