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Re: very confused

Postby David » Mon Jan 14, 2008 2:12 pm

Hi Flowerpot,

I was going to refrain from posting on here for a bit, but felt moved by your post. I can certainly relate to many things you're saying, and the gradual shutting down away from life is something that has happened to me to. Just wanted to say that everything you're describing, like the quick anger and the hiding from the world, are very common to those suffering with mental health problems. You're not alone!

In terms of the anti-depressants, a lot of people feel emotionally numb on them. It can certainly narrow down your ability to feel. Best way to look at it is to either ask your doctor if there are any alternative prescriptions, or see it as a temporary measure until you can recieve some proper therapy.

Just one question: are you waiting to recieve any psycotherapy or councilling?

Keep posting on here if you need an outlet or advice. Lots of good people to engage with, although, sadly, quite a few seem to have left recently. No mind.

Take care!

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