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Neighbours Hear Thoughts

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Neighbours Hear Thoughts

Postby muskee31 » Sun Dec 17, 2017 4:35 pm

What can, or should be done as people in neighbouring flats can listen to and detect someone’s thoughts. Doing so has made someone’s home life not possible and intolerable continually for several years.

One person staying in a friends flat, by himself, has perpetrated other neighbouring properties against the main tenant. He stays there and listens for the main tenants thoughts and actions. This makes him hysterical and angry. He trains and informs the other tenants on how to listen to, detect the thoughts and to manipulate them. As he feels the main tenant difficult to cope with, and given his expoilts, he and his friend previously have turned other tenants too against the main tenant, and they hope that they won’t stay there ongoingly.

He repetitiously calls out “a waste of time” in reference to the main tenant, “nutcase”, “I’m not having nutcases here”, (sitting alone in that flat). Other tenants hear it, and each other as well as the main tenant, they start to become angry repeating all this unil they feel very bored by it indeed. They know the main tenant and all about him from the neighbouring flats friend who lived there originally in these matters. So, he and they all sit there calling out what they like, false and true.

Note that the matter here is the main neighbouring tenant requiring advice about, not the main tenant.

Again, what should and can be done about someone who turns his friends, my neighbours and others against the main tenant to not being able to live in that home and who exploits my health and his own pleasures. The main tenant lives there.

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