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Changing antidepressants

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Changing antidepressants

Postby 6thelements » Wed Feb 28, 2018 9:28 pm

As I'm going through a severe down at the moment and I'm already on 45mg Mertazapine the doc has decided I need to change A/Ds. This is probably going to mean a stay in hospital. I've never been in hospital before and the stay seems scary.
Has anyone else had to do this. They (the docs and cpn etc) think I'll be safer in the hospital during this process, especially as I have been suicidal recently. When they will do this I'm not sure - tomorrow or next week, or the week after. I just want to cry but can't.

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Re: Changing antidepressants

Postby mar394 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 2:20 pm

Hi 6thelements,

I have had to be hospitalised 3 times when changing medications, and although hospital is not a pleasant place to be in nowadays, I would strongly recommend it. In my experience, the first few weeks on a new medication can be difficult and there is always a temptation not to take the pill. Also when you feel unwell, as you most probably will in the first weeks, it is helpful to have your meals provided and nurses on hand who know how to help if you have any problems. Its horrible to feel the way you do, and I hope they do find the right medication for you.

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