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Mental illness can affect us all

If you're concerned about, or care for, someone with mental illness
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Re: Mental illness can affect us all

Postby katy1 » Fri Apr 27, 2018 1:04 pm

Im currently trying to get my family member help, his 50 yrs old and suffers with un-diagnosed mental health problems. My guess is probably paranoid schizophrenia. For the past 5 years he has been living without, heating, hot water, fridge, freezer, cooker etc so has only been eating cold food. HIs living conditions are appalling and he cant properly care for himself.
He has suffered from mental illness for years but now that he has no income he will not seek benefits as he wont give out his personal information and so is neglecting himself as has no food. I have supported him financially upto a month ago as I no longer can.
I am trying to get him registered at the doctors but as their are no records of him it is seeming impossible, he has no photo ID no bank (so no bank statement) and basically doesn't exist in society.
Im trying to get help to get a diagnosis but seen as he doesn't want the help this is extremely difficult. He feels their is nothing wrong with him, although meeting him in person you can clearly see their is.
Besides from my family members physical health these are the signs and symptoms he shows daily:
Emotionally unattached, socially awkward, problems with eye contact, fixates on subjects often strange subjects such as the government, blood pressure, mad cows disease, every conspiracy theory you could think of, he is highly intelligent in specific topics such as socialiology, human behaviour, the unconscious mind, and is a master manipulator, he has tantrums if something is unexpected (if I told someone his business) . He wont go to the doctors as they will give him tablets and the tablets only benefit the person selling them etc. When a family member was dying of cancer he begged them to stop therapy as he believed this was going to kill them.
My memory of him growing up is him running up and down the stairs a certain amount of times, same with the light switches, talking to himself and having ticks and twitches (these seemed to have stopped over the years but then I am not with him all the time).
Other peoples experiences of him can be completely different he appears to be normal to some people and their explanation of how they know him is a completely different person but over the years his become less able to hide his mental health and others now recognise that their is something not right.

Everything I try to do to help him is not working and now his neglecting himself I am having to try and intervene but their seems to be barriers everywhere I turn. But if I don't help my him no on will.

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Re: Mental illness can affect us all

Postby calico5 » Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:44 pm

that is the reason I've joined this group, in the hope someone can help me help my daughter. She has attempted suicide twice and I'm scared i will lose her. Ive posted in this forum but no one has commented :(

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