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Advice re:doctors

If you're concerned about, or care for, someone with mental illness
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Advice re:doctors

Postby lucym » Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:30 pm

I haven’t been on here in a while but have been supporting my partner for a while now - who has severe anxiety and depression. My partner is currently experiencing really severe anxiety and has been on the waiting list for MONTHS to see mhs but the most we know at this point is that they don’t know when they can see him. His doctor is unwilling to prescribe medication for the anxiety as he’s been on and off it for a while and had problems with coming off painkillers. But as he sees it he’s being left with nothing. His panic attacks are getting more severe- he’s panicking because he’s afraid of the panic attack. There also appear to be elements of ptsd related to previous medical issues from the year before.
He wants to be medicated until he can get therapy and even so that therapy, when it becomes available, is more accessible to him. The doctor doesn’t appear to account for this and my partner understandably feels like no one is listening.
Does anyone know of anything we can do or someone we can talk to? Any ideas of private therapists or phychologists to talk to?
And here’s a really unanswerable question- how do we get the doctors to listen? I feel like he needs to change surgeries because he’s had so many problems with them- shaming, not listening, shouting at him when he’s anxious, not having really any clue how to talk to someone with mental health issues. We’ve tried making complaints but in his words ‘they just close ranks’.
He’s got an appointment on Monday and some diazepam to last him a couple of days and he wants to try to move his appointment forward and talk to his doc face to face. He’s also trying really hard to look after himself and manage the anxiety but he needs help, it’s too overwhelming for him and he’s worried it’s going to push him to a suicidal place ( a place he’s all too familiar with)- so I am really worried too.
Any advice?

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Re: Advice re:doctors

Postby lucym » Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:01 pm

Its been two days and no real improvement or help on its way. Still battling with docs to get them to take it seriously. They treat him like he's just trying to get more meds out of them and talk to him like he's some naughty child- which I know cos I am very often in the room when he gets a phone call.
Don't get me wrong, I know docs are under lots of pressure, and they are trying to do the right thing for us but this just feels inhumane. Watching someone you love be ignored and treated like theyre in the wrong cos they cant control their anxiety- as if he's supposed to just snap out of it- which of course he can't. They're saying he can only have so much but what they give him doesn't stop him from having these massive panic attacks, so surely, if it's not working, then they need to review that?
I am waiting to speak to his doc for him cos he's to anxious to talk to them and I am just so worried about the weekend - will he run out of medication? Will it lead to a suicide attempt? He clearly wants to get better and needs help to do it, why is it so hard to talk to someone with depression/anxiety with just a little bit of sympathy?
I just want us to be able to live our lives, not have to go through this torture.

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Re: Advice re:doctors

Postby Cyprus » Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:23 pm

I am sorry your hubby is having such a tough time
I am taking diazepam at the moment the reason the dr will not keep prescribing is because it’s addictive does your hubby take any other meds for his anxiety does your hubby have any thing that helps to relieve his anxiety I listen to music pin interest have some ideas about breathing etc
Do you have uplift in your ares you can self refer some areas it’s called iapt
You can pay privately my area has one that is means tested so everyone pays what the can afford your dr may be able to give you that advice
I think you should do face to face can you go in with your husband x ask for your local crisis number so you have someone who you can ring if worried
Would your hubby speak to Samaritans I use them sometimes when I need to talk through issues
Can you change gp I am lucky I have found one who is very supportive but not my registered
Gp sorry can’t help anymore cyprus

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