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Mum with new OCD diagnosis - need help please

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Mum with new OCD diagnosis - need help please

Postby buddhamagnet » Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:11 pm


Ive been hunting on the web for advice this evening as my mum seems to be spiralling out of control.

Doctor has prescribed Sertroline a week ago for obsessive thoughts/anxiety. Diazapam for about 3 weeks now as and when required and zopiclone for a month. Since starting the sertroline my mums anxiety about the intrusive thoughts/obsessive thoughts seems to be worse. And only if she takes 4mg of diazapam can she get through it. She has had no referral to metal health team yet. my sisters and i are totally out of our depth here and just dont know what we should be doing to help her, i dont think she tells her GP the full extent of how she can feel when its at its worse. She lives alone and we support her every day as much as we can but all three sisters have very young families to also support. Any advice would be wonderful.

thank you

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Re: Mum with new OCD diagnosis - need help please

Postby belle » Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:24 pm

I'm sorry your mum is struggling so much and that it is so difficult for you and your sisters too.
I don't know if one of your sisters live close enough to your mum to go to a GP appointment with her (if she will agree to it) to explain how unwell she gets. If you are far away, maybe a telephone consultation or a letter perhaps?
It seems to me that more professional support needs to be put in place for your mum.
It must be a huge worry for you.
Please keep posting on here if it helps.
Take care.

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Re: Mum with new OCD diagnosis - need help please

Postby oobydoobie » Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:47 pm has a support and info help line.

Both have forums.
My newspaper

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Re: Mum with new OCD diagnosis - need help please

Postby Lucretia » Sun Aug 05, 2012 10:06 am

hi,i really feel for you and your family
your mum definitely is in need of more professional support,could you persuade her to see her gp and get a cmht appointment.if one of you could go with her,you could try help her explain how serious the problem is
ive had ocd for years.your mum will be really struggling if shes living alone without some proper professional support.there is only so much you can do.when i was at my worst,and i was living alone,my mum hadto stay with me all the time,i was obsessed she was going to die and hadto perform all sorts of rituals to keep her safe
zopiclone will only really help her sleep,i take that would they wont prescribe for more than a month as its addictive.diazapam helps more with severe generalized anxiety.
i take the maximum of fluvoxamine for ocd.
i dont wanto worry you,but sometimes ocd can carry on over into psychotic type illness,my obsessions got so bad i would see feel things in the end that were not real and i hadto take olanzapine for a few years
none of this needs to happen to your mum.if she gets a proper asessment done quickly,and is given the right medication and support,she could make a full least become and remain stable
you can support her,but only so have your own responcibilitys,and it is the NHS job to ensure your mum recieves adequate support
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