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Return to work

Postby bexismindfull » Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:45 am

Hey guys,

I’ve got a question to fire away. I’ll tell you a little about my background to give you some context. I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for 10 years plus. In August 2015 I had a breakdown which made me suffer with self harm, insomnia, suicidal thoughts and the like. At the end of the year I lost two very important grandparents. I was signed off work until April 2016. Then I attempted a 4-week phased return to work. Unfortunately this failed and I then was forced to take a career break due to my mental health. In January 2017 my Dad passed away unexpectedly. I’m now trying to return to work in March and really want to be successful.

I’m a nurse and love my job and really miss it but have been off work for over 2& 1/2 years struggling. Does anyone have any tips about returning to work? Any nurses on here who have also been off work for a while and managed to transition back to the workplace. I welcome any support, advice and signposting! Looking forward to hearing from you lovely lot.


Becky ❤️

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