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Me moaning again...

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Me moaning again...

Postby Nomad » Thu Dec 13, 2007 7:54 pm

Haven't been outside in three days and have just
been for a jog and it went really badly! Only lasted
15 mins and i could feel myself get really anxious.
I'm so fed up of this!!!

Never f'ing going outside, feeling anxious all the
time and not living...

Sorry folks, sometimes you just have to moan. You
are the only people that are helping me...


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Re: Me moaning again...

Postby craziememe » Thu Dec 13, 2007 8:14 pm

hey nomad,
dont apologise..... i'd like to think that were all here for support and indeed offer it too........
i know how you feel about staying in all the time and not living........ the only time i leave my home is when i can actually make it to take and collect my son from school (which is'nt all that often) and even then i feel anxious and more often and not end up having horrible panic attacks.........
but guess what? 15 minutes out is better than none atall so guess what else? well done you!!!!!!!
keep your chin up and feel free to 'moan' (haha) any time xx


Re: Me moaning again...

Postby David » Thu Dec 13, 2007 8:19 pm

Don't fight it Nomad, as annoying as it is. Indeed, I suffered from exactley the same frustrations myself in regards anxiety and a slight sense of agrophobia. It's horrible because a certain part of your brain is still functioning in terms of your old self, which excebates things. Just relax. Treat yourself like a project that needs to go through certain steps to get things solved, don't try the grin, bear it and then hate yourself routine.

Take care!


Re: Me moaning again...

Postby ribena » Thu Dec 13, 2007 8:21 pm

hey nomad, i understand your frustration...yesterday, i went into town by myself for the first time in 3 months, i got the bus both ways, and the whole time i felt panicky, like i just wanted to be home. spent half an hour buying 5 things in sainsbury's because my brain just wouldn't function properly.

it annoys me because i'm only 24, and when i'm well, i'm really social and everything. it's really frustrating to feel so out of touch.

mind you i went out alone again today, so maybe i am getting better.

my trip was to the dentist however, so not very happy! i went mostly cos i have a veneer on my front tooth (drunken plunge from a stage resulting in my entire front right tooth being smashed into my gum - ow!) and it's gone all squint. so i say that i want it fixed and the dentist says i would have to go private as it's a cosmetic thing.

AND i need a filling - so it was an unsuccessful trip all round - didn't get what i asked for and now i got to get a horrible filling.

it's so annoying! i hate my stupid squint front tooth. it is spoiling my incredible vanity. i am considering going to eastern europe to get it done cheap there...

anyway, sorry for hi-jacking your thread with my dental woes, i understand how annoying it is to feel trapped. i'm just trying to take things in small steps, stuff like going to the shop on my own or walking up to the doctor.

this board is really keeping me going as well; although my ex that i live with is nice to me, he doesn't really understand.


Re: Me moaning again...

Postby Nomad » Fri Dec 14, 2007 1:38 pm

Hello all,

Thanks for your kind and positive messages. You
guys are really helping me and i would be lost
without this forum. I've just been trying incredibly
hard of late and although i have been making
some positive steps i need to learn that i can't
really move at a pace i would like. I have to keep
trying and keep having patience.

I'm just finding things even harder as i came here
to be with my partner and he has been away
pretty much every week.

Ribena, i'm the same age as you and keep thinking
it shouldn't be like this for us in our prime huh?
Well done on going out! Takes a lot of courage!

Thanks all of you, you're blooming stars!


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