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feeling drained

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feeling drained

Postby velvet » Sun May 29, 2011 8:56 pm

I have just slept most of my weekend away, again! I go to work, feel tired and look forward to the weekend only to sleep it away. I try not to but it always happens unless I have something planned or arranged. Ive started getting to the point where I look forward to having the weekend to myself just to rest which ends up sleeping.

I also find myself feeling more & more tired in the week, I over eat constantly which worries me and don't really exercise now. It is as if these things 'excuse the pun' are trying to eat away at me until they have the better of me.

I'm sure this makes me want to do less and become more inactive. This is a problem I have had before and the daily, weekly experience of work and life become too much.

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