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Newbie alert!

If you're new and want to say hello...
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Newbie alert!

Postby aztecgurl1996 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 4:02 pm

Hi guys, I found this website online and never been apart of a forum so here goes...

I joined because I have struggled in the past with depression and anxiety on and off for 5 years since I was 16..

I have been to the doctors numerous times, been on anti-depressant, anti-anxiety tablets, tried herbal remedies,therapy,councilling etc.

At the moment I am the best I have ever been but still have the gloomy thought processes that gripped me into a never ending cycle for past 5 years.

I've recently got into a relationship with a guy who also has mental health issues. He seems to be a bit worse than me as he's been suicidal and tried to act upon it - luckily wasn't successful. He's recently been having his off days where he feels so down he cant leave bed and hes had trouble with his flat mate and not enough hours at his job.

I've tried my best to keep him up by taking him out and going on walks etc. He seems a bit better today but I just don't want him to go in a downward spiral that led him to do what he tried to do last year... It in fact terrifies me.

Anybody got any suggestions on how to cope in a new relationship where you both have some sort of mental health issues?

Thanks :) xxx

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Re: Newbie alert!

Postby rsxo » Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:16 pm

Hi aztecgurl1996,


When both people in a relationship have mental illness, it can work both ways. It can mean that both of you understand each other better since you both experience it, but it also means that when you both have bad days, it can work against you. The important things are managing expectations and communication. Expect that some days, he won't feel as good, and it goes both ways. Keep communicating your emotions - letting the other person know if you're not having a great day means that you let each other know if one of you needs a little space for a while! As long as you keep supporting each other, taking medication on time, and using therapy/counselling if it helps, things can certainly improve!x

Much love <3
RSxo <3

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Re: Newbie alert!

Postby sunchyme » Tue Jun 26, 2018 11:31 am

Hey, welcome! :)

I wish I could help you, but the truth is, I've just been dumped by my girlfriend who had depression.
All I can say, is you need to be able to support each other and get plenty of support from other people, whether that's family, friends, medication, therapy... And be open and honest with each other :)

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