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Panic and Anxiety

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Panic and Anxiety

Postby ivy » Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:05 pm

Hi everyone, im new here and this is my first time doing anything like this :shock:

I had PTSD for about a year and didn’t realise that I had it, and now I’m suffering with panic attacks and strong anxiety.
It feels like I’m going mad or like I’m going to have a fit or pass out or go blind when it comes on. Does anyone else have this? And what symptoms does everyone else get?

It’s all quite scary because I don’t know anyone that has this.

It’s so draining and tiring, it’s also really really scary.

Does anyone else have this or anything similar?

Thank you for reading this.

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Re: Panic and Anxiety

Postby smiler33 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:26 pm

You are not going mad.
I go hot and cold - repeatedly changing within a few minutes;
Feel nauseous;
My stomach goes- as though I’m on a fairground ride;
I start agitating and repeatedly touching myself and other things;
My hands cramp up and then my neck cramps up;
My eyesight starts to go;
I have chest pains;
I feel like I’m going to pass out;
Etc, etc, etc!
Then afterwards (and they can last for hours) I’m completely knackered and just cry uncontrollably for about 24 hrs.
I think everyone varies to some extent but I do understand... it’s awful! I’m sorry you’re experiencing this x

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Re: Panic and Anxiety

Postby ivy » Tue Jun 12, 2018 1:20 pm

Hi Smiler33,

Thank you so much for sharing that! I’m so relieved that’s it’s not just me. And it’s helps build a bigger picture.honestly your reply has really settled me.

And it’s sounds like you’re having a really really hard time with it, I’m really sorry you have that. But I send you all my support and wish for things to get better for you.

My counselling has finished now, I’ve had as many sessions as I am allowed. But I was told by the counsellor that the nausea, dizziness and eye sight all go funny because the blood gets sent away from the stomach, and makes us sick, and goes to all the “important places” which makes us feel dizzy and ruins our vision. And the only way to stop it all is to keep causing it to happen and eventually it will stop happening. ... hope that helps you.

Have you tried any medication?
I’m on beta blockers.., not sure if they actually do a lot, they seem to take the edge of my heart pounding hard.

I really hope you get better soon!

And thank you so much for replying! It’s really helped so much!

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Re: Panic and Anxiety

Postby smiler33 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:31 pm

Sertraline has really helped and the panic attacks are very far and few between now thankfully!
I know it sounds a bit extreme (and bearing in mind my worse attacks happened when I was driving) the fear of impending death was the thing that exacerbated the symptoms. Once I convinced myself that dying couldn’t be any worse than how I was feeling they really improved believe it or not!!! .. to me it was an element of taking control and not letting them get the better of me!!!!
I also managed to identify triggers (being hungry, tired, etc) and note when I was on the cusp of one and therefore remove myself from the situation.
I’m glad that my reply settled you somewhat, however you will probably find that more people than you know suffer. Whenever I discuss my issues with people the resounding response is ‘oh, I’ve had trouble with that too!’... they’re just too embarrassed to admit it first because some people see it as a weakness!..... well, I’M NOT WEAK, either are you, it’s just a phase and you will get through it/conquer it!

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Re: Panic and Anxiety

Postby amberametheyst » Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:48 pm


Panic and anxiety unfortunately go hand in hand and the symptoms vary from person to person.

When we enter into a panic attack our brain goes into 'survival mode' which is, fight, flight or freeze. This is what causes the blood to rush from your stomach to your brain, your circulatory system and your muscles - this change in 'body focus' is what can cause the sense of being dizzy. Your body is getting ready to protect itself for survival, even though the cause of this fear is coming from your brain. The adrenaline rushing through your body will also leave you feeling tired afterwards.

I suffer from severe anxiety and CPTSD. I get different forms of panic attacks and at the moment daily visual illusions (very irritating) so they leave me feeling entirely drained.

A good piece of advice I can give you if you feel a sensory panic attack happening is to sit down where you are in a safe position and simply breathe, just let the feelings wash over you and remind yourself that you are fine no matter how bad it feels.

I personally used to try to 'fight' my feelings and emotions when panic attacks hit me and this always led to them being worse. The thing with PTSD is that the more you try to get your brain to NOT think about some thing the MORE it will think about it.

I hope you're feeling a bit better and it's nice to meet others. amber xxx

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Re: Panic and Anxiety

Postby ivy » Sat Jun 23, 2018 11:07 pm

Hi Amber and Smiler,

Thank you for your replies! It’s nice to talk about this with people that have it and know what it’s like. I’m sorry you both have gone through this as well :/

And yes when I think if I did die it wouldn’t be worse than how I’m feeling right now I start to feel a bit calmer, which is strange because the fear is of suddenly dying from a heart attack or an allergic reaction. ( which makes eating anything other than a ham sanwhich or chips quite hard, but I’m trying to eat other things each day)

Some days are better than others and I wish it would just stop now, every day I think “yep that situation is going to bring it on”. And it’s realky hard going through it all the time. And it’s not just one thing or one Symptom. It could seem like everything is really bright and loud and that tends to make me feel quite angry and snappy, or it could be “if I eat that then I could be allergic or it will make me feel funny”, or I can’t go there because I’ll be chlaustrophobic, or great it’s time for bed I’m going to have really bad night mares if the past and wake up and feel like I can’t breathe. It feels like this thing just won’t give me a break, I just want to be able to walk out the froth door and do anything without this.

I feel like it’s a huge extra weight I have to carry, but now I really appreciate things I used to hate, like paying bills or going to work... I used to not be able to do that but now I can :)

And thank you I will try just sitting down and breathing when all the visual stuff comes on

And thank you I agree that it means we are actually really strong, you must be strong to cope with this :)

And I hope it is a phase... I can’t wait fo it to be over!

Sorry for the rant as well.. it’s been a hard few days with this and I have work tomorrow and I know that’s going to be hard because I can already feel it coming on.

Thank you both so much!! It really does help hearing back from people! And I don’t feel so alone and that I’m not the only person in the world with this.

I hope things get better for you two as well

All the best :)
Ivy xx

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