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Getting my feelings out

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Getting my feelings out

Postby mackerelnhotsauce » Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:19 pm


Im 23 YO male, Ive never told anyone this, not even my best friend, i was emotionally and physically abused as a child by my alcoholic mother who used to beat me and my sister, My dad was very distant and was hardly around, I struggle to connect with people on an emotional level, i have never had a girlfriend.
When i were younger i was top of my class in maths and science coming top 98% in my country, I was a county champion in two different sports, but after years of abuse i learned that my best was never good enough and started to slack.
Ive recently become unemployed and living with my dad after injuring my back in a manual labour job, he is in horrendous debt and is facing loosing his business and home, I have lent my parents money when they have been in need a total near £10,000, i know ill never get it back, Ive become incredibly withdrawn from all the people i know, i feel tired all the time, i never smile, i just want to be happy, i just felt like i had to tell someone

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Re: Getting my feelings out

Postby zimzimmer » Tue Mar 06, 2018 6:24 pm

Hi mackerel thank you for taking the time to post. That's sounds awful what you went through and without the risk of sounding cheesy and condescending you're actually really brave to get that out there.

Have you sought any professional help? It sounds like you may be depressed. Please don't fall into the trap and think you can get better by yourself, been there done that and it does not work despite years of trying. Please see a health professional asap who can help you to get the help you need.

You've been holding onto the pain of the abuse by yourself for so long, that must be so so hard. If you can try to talk to a trusted friend or family member it may help you get things off your chest and they can support you with seeking help.

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