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Panic attack

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:20 pm
by flynnbob

My name is Neil. I was diagnosed with Anxiety a few years ago, and with the help of some medication I manage it pretty well I think, but now and again I get the odd attack, or, period of anxiety. About 30 minutes ago I just had the worst panic attack I’ve ever experienced, it was unbelievably intense. I was driving home in my car and although I was anxious when I got in the the car I felt fine to drive. On my way home I experienced some palpatations, I’m used to these, but then I felt like I shouldn’t be on the road, like I didn’t feel safe to drive. I started to really panic and the backs of my arms and my feet went like really tingly, I got such a fright and thought I was away to have a heart attack, or a stroke or something and I still had a mile or 2 to go. I opened all the windows and just tried to focus on getting home, once I got home I layed down on my bed, I feel much better now. Has anyone else experienced that before, like the tinglyness on your arms and feet? I’ve never had that before, I’m assuming it was adrenaline?

Re: Panic attack

Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:58 pm
by amaya
I would go to the doctor just one time to get it checked out. All those things you describe can certainly be anxiety, but they can also be symptoms of other things. But don't worry, just check it for extra certainity.

I would suggest googling grounding exercises that you can do in whatever situation you find yourself in to help the attacks pass more quickly. It is a good idea to pull of the road, I have had to do it myself a number of times. But you can't always do it so easily and attacks can happen quickly so it is a good idea to have some other techniques at the ready to bring yourself back into a calm state.