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New and scared

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New and scared

Postby bagpuss4eva » Tue Jan 02, 2018 5:34 pm

I don’t talk or share my feeling much but I find myself needing to, which in itself is terrifying.
A year ago this month I overdosed and clearly failed. It was the first thing I’ve ever failed to
do anything before. I never expected to wake up and have been in limbo ever since. I just
Don’t know what I should be doing or feeling. I cannot comprehend what I have put my family
through. Their anger, disappointment. Constant guilt and regret I didn’t succeed. Life is so much
harder now. Fake happiness, trying to behave as I’m expected to. Remorse, regret and constantly
seeking to gain their trust and respect again. Of course then you have the silence and the trying to act
like it didn’t happen scenarios. My partner is wonderful at this one.
I was in hospital for just a week. Sent home with a slap in the wrist. I saw the psychiatrist once. Had my
annual medication review last month and that is it. I know now I’m nothing as even after all this
I have family lost in limbo and no one wanting to help me.

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Re: New and scared

Postby emzy » Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:00 pm


I am fairly new to mental health conditions (have just been put on some medication today for the first time ever to begin dealing with issues). I did find that perseverance at your GPs, or whomever you have been in touch with before about your mental health condition/s, can make a huge difference - and being totally honest with them.

My GP was fabulous once i started confessing what was actually happening and gave me so much help and advice about where to go for counseling, psychotherapy etc. Are these things treatments you have considered, to help you deal with the root problems?

So sorry if none of the above is helpful; i can only comment based on my personal experiences, and i feel i can relate a bit to what you are saying - about expected behavior, not getting the support you need, etc


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