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Re: Tell Me Something About You

Postby macncheese » Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:53 am

Hi guys.

I'm new too. I've joined this site as a little bit of a cry for help, as I'm sure most of you may have too. I like the anonymity of this forum. And I've been reading the replies and everyone's so supportive.
Im 18. And recently my parents split up due to my abusive dad. Mainly physical violence, however there was one weird time that I never really talk about where he kind of touched me... I've never told anyone about that apart from my boyfriend. And don't plan to. At least, no one I know personally. I don't think I will ever get over how my dad treat me for several years, the manipulative and controlling behaviour behind his actions. He's threatened to burn our house down, screaming he will get a gun and that there's "Going to be a blood bath". We used to be bestfriends, when I was younger, but now I constantly have anxiety when I go out that he's behind me. Or following me. Or going to attack me. I still have constant nightmares where I wake up in the middle of the night screaming. I suffer from nose bleeds constantly when my anxiety is really high. And often have breakdowns and have to leave my friends and go home if someone brings up their dad for whatever reason. For the first few years I held no emotion regarding this. I never cried, never felt anything. But in the past or so year, since my boyfriend found out, I've felt less pressure I feel to keep it bottled up and so by having his support I've felt a little better to be able to cry on him. It's comforting but I can't keep going on like this. I'm hoping that by writing about it and connecting with people through sites and maybe reaching out to the doctors about this I will become a little stronger again. Because, part of me worries i'm becoming like him. Me and my mum swore for years that we thought he had undiagnosed Scrizophrenia. His mum has it bad, and now I'm starting to worry, with how I act sometimes, or the paranoia he had - I feel I carry that too, that I may have it a little. I just want help. I want some sort of comfort. I'm sorry this is long. And really appreciate anyone who's actually read it all. Even if not everyone does, I'm hoping that even by posting it I will feel some sort of relief.

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Re: Tell Me Something About You

Postby ashleyryan » Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:07 am

First of all, macncheese, thank you for sharing. You want help, you sought out that help, and you made an action to try and get it. That shows that you have potential to get better because you can recognize your challenges, and seek out solutions. That may seem simple, but I think for most, that can be the hardest part. :)

I found my way here after watching Ted Talks. I started with Nikki Webber Allen's "don't suffer from your depression in silence," to Andrew Solomon's "depression, the secret we share," to Kevin Breel's "confessions of a depressed comic," to finally what really lead me here, which was Ruby Wax's "what's so funny about mental illness?"

... See the theme? :lol:

I've always been very introspective, always thinking about and analyzing my emotions, experiences, and challenges. Although I have suffered with depression for possibly 13 years, it has only been the last several years that I have actually tried take steps to "fix" it. I can't believe how long depression has taken over my life, it's make me angry! :evil: I always put the needs and happiness of others above my own. I'm always there to listen and talk to people, but I never share my own problems - or if I do, it is very rarely, for multiple reasons: trust, lack of support, shame, lack of understanding from others...

Depression is a major thing that defines me. I hope one day that it won't be.

Anyway, a little about me: I recently graduated from college (first in my family), with a BA in social work. I am hoping to go back in the upcoming fall, to get my master's degree. I am inspired by the idea of working with children and families, but especially children. I want to one day be a stable, trusting, and caring adult figure in a child's life, the way that I wish I had growing up. I recently became a court appointed special advocate, to work with a foster youth one-on-one and provide them with that support, someone who will advocate with them on their behalf, and spend time with them as a mentor of sorts.

One of my interests include writing. ^^ I enjoy writing, and I think I am pretty good at it. I also enjoy reading and drawing.

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Re: Tell Me Something About You

Postby eri » Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:19 am

My name is Erica and I’m in my second year of sixth form. Just reading through these stories is so helpful.

I’m massively into music- I can’t play any instruments for toffee, but I’ll listen to pretty much everything other than country ;) I love rock, alternative, indie, dance, chill, sometimes pop (but the charts are pretty dire at the minute), you get the picture. I also love anything to do with geography, biology, good food and my doggo Ted.

I’ve had a hard time the past few years with GAD, depression, ADHD and psychotic symptoms and have been in and out of hospital. I find that adhd Is the most problematic for my social life, as few people understand how differently it presents in girls than in boys. I often find friendships and relationships hard to maintain as I can act very out of character when I feel unwell, and this can often upset people even though I would never ever want to hurt them.

It’s so lovely to hear everyone’s stories, I do feel quite alone sometimes. It’s a good reminder xx

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Re: Tell Me Something About You

Postby brighte » Sun Oct 22, 2017 6:54 pm

I’m the wife/ carer Of someone with mental health issues. My wife has always been a worrier and had been on citralopram for a few years. 3 years ago, following a number of highly stressful incidents her depression and anxiety escalated to the point she had psychotic episode and was sectioned. We slowly got back to a good place, and probably for for about a year she had regained her confidence and personality and things were good. Then this year we again had a run of tragic/ traumatic incidences and about June/July realised this was more than grieving. It didn’t help that she had stopped taking all meds (without saying)

This time it’s different. Last time it escalated rapidly and we had friends and family to help. This time it is slower but lasting. For the first time there have been suicide notes, drinking, and neglecting personal hygiene. Her behaviour is starting to get more unusual, and the lies increase. I know she isn’t taking meds regularly.

I work full time. I love my wife, but she is totally dependent on me. She is terrified of going back into hospital. I am often at a loss what to do or say, as nothing gets through, and I am on tenterhooks in case I say something wrong. I jus5 want to help her get back to a good space with quality of life

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Re: Tell Me Something About You

Postby keep-smiling-95 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:58 am

Hey everyone,

So this is my very first time using a forum or support group, so I'm not entirely sure what I am doing haha!! But here we go...

So, I am a female aged 21. I love music. I am a singer-songwriter & play a little acoustic guitar. I love the outdoors. I have just started yoga classes, which I am really enjoying. I love dancing and laughing. Most people think I am really outgoing and confident. Truth is, I am just very good at maintaining a facade...

I've suffered with depression and anxiety since I was 15. My mental health had deteriorated a great deal over the past few years, due to experiencing a number of traumatic events. At the beginning of the years, I thought I was experiencing a breakdown and was off work for awhile. I was going back and forth to my doctors, swapping meds and desperately trying to reach out for help. I was at the lowest of lows and truly struggling to go on with my life. However, the good news is, after feeling like things were never going to improve, things are finally beginning to change for me. I still suffer with depression and battling with my social anxiety, low self-esteem and low confidence. However, after finding the right medication and regular therapy sessions, I am learning to understand myself better, which in turn helps me to pace myself and push myself in a way that I could not before. I still have dark days and I get very lonely. I know what it feels like to be an outcast, as I have been rejected and discarded by almost all of my friends and most of my family members. It is very difficult having nobody to speak to or open up to, as most people are so afraid to be honest and open about mental illness. I struggle to find people who 'get me' or are able to empathise. I love having honest, open, unashamed discussions about mental wellbeing and this is my main reason for joining this group.

So a big hello from me to you :) wishing you all the very best xx

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Re: Tell Me Something About You

Postby rhianna » Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:00 am

Hi everyone,
I am a university student in my 3rd year. I study ecology. I have trouble sleeping but this is mainly due to trying to get work done on time for deadlines. I've never really spoken to anyone about how I feel before.

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Re: Tell Me Something About You

Postby Isap » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:24 am

Hi Rhianna

Welcome to the forum!

If you need support, start a new thread in newbies section.


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Re: Tell Me Something About You

Postby outcast » Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:15 am

Ill keep this short (ish) I joined today battled with MH issues for around 30 years diagnosed Schizophrenic at 12 but never treated (I don't agree with diagnosis) recently re-diagnosed same again but symptoms sporadic. Also recently diagnosed with PTSD and MPD with the added complication of self harming. Im a regular bundle of joy but I just have to get on with it until they find the right little label to put on me.

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Re: Tell Me Something About You

Postby breatheinandout » Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:07 pm

Hi outcast, lovely to meet you. Hope you're doing ok today.
Why did i pick such a long username?! Do call me Biao :D

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Re: Tell Me Something About You

Postby brummiewolfie » Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:42 pm

Hi all!

Im new! as of me now writting this, but that's more than a few seconds.... now minutes so maybe not so new anymore.
Im 32 and im male....... Im a keen guitarist and have been playing now for 16 years, im ok I guess? I love playing my guitar to help relax and to take my mind off day to day life struggles.

Ive suffered with mental problems most of my life, along with epilepsy. I diagnosed with temple lobe epilepsy with schizophrenic episodes last year. Now that ive moved and (was) under my local CMHT they are now debating whether or not ive got epilepsy..... major headache!!

That's where im at atm ...... hoping to grow my support network and will be looking at joining a local church soon :)

look forward to chatting to some of you soon x
Im No Longer A Slave To Fear, I am A Child Of God! \O/

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