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When is this EVER GOING TO END!!!!

Sometimes you just need to let off steam...
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When is this EVER GOING TO END!!!!

Postby bbb » Sat Mar 03, 2018 12:40 pm

So after a long stint of stuffing (a typical session is a large packet of crisps, packet of biscuits, several packets of sweets/chocolates and a whole cake eg coop apple and caramel)sometimes more than once a day. I tried something new and lasted 13 whole days without doing this, then my Birthday cake came and I have had three small lapses just some cake and about ten health food bars each session.
So yesterday this happened again and I blocked the sink again. Ikg of bicarbonate of soda,2kg of lye and some particularly nasty stuff that had masses of fumes made my eyes water and nose run (yes the window was open)kept bubbling up and splattering all over the room, my hands and lip are burnt. I used a plastic pocking thing to try and unblock it and it brock off and part is now left in the sink. I did manage to clear it, then I did some printing of recipes (because the two very large boxes I have already are clearly not enough) then I fell asleep.
Day two I have been trying to carry on but have had enough, cooking is not going well so I gave up and crawled back in bed were I managed to cry the most in over a year so that's an achievement but it was not enough to warrant blowing my nose on a tissue so still a huge disappointment. I have a big list of "things that I must buy" and am trying not to go on yet another spending spree. And the worst thing is I am still nowhere near finished replying to my last PIP appeal, I don't know why I am even trying anymore after all I have over 18 years worth of evidence to prove no good cames from trying it only makes things worse! Personally, I thought being without a doctor for 8 years, returning and then taking 12 packets of prescription drugs which I had traveled around the country to get and not telling anyone was a clear enough message but no apparently all I need to do is go for a walk down the beach or get a massage! Given that people ARE THE PROBLEM am I really a bad person for feeling that my life is in the hands of compleat and utter morons???

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Re: When is this EVER GOING TO END!!!!

Postby deb1960 » Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:05 am

I have no advice but just wanted to say I'm thinking of you
Deb x

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Re: When is this EVER GOING TO END!!!!

Postby meldjo » Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:42 am

Well, what I can say is that I'm sorry for what you're going through.
Of you'd like to know what I do... personally I watch youtube videos when it comes to food and exercise. There's several youtubers (honeysuckle, blogilates, the domestic geek, etc) who have a bunch of easy and cheap recipes that you can make at home. You can even adjust their recipes to your own taste ( I know I do that). I'm a very picky eater and I love junk food way too much, that's why I look at these youtubers to find ways to eat the things that I like the most in a much healthier way. Doing this, I no longer feel guilty.

Please give ot another try with cooking. Because after a while of trying to be healthier, what I came to realise is that, sometimes is not about how much you eat, but rather the things that you're eating. Cooking allows you to control what you're eating.

Well, that's all I can say for now, but hope everything goes well with you :)

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