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Bringing nature indoors

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Bringing nature indoors

Postby morethanaspoonie » Sat Jul 08, 2017 12:26 am

Hello, I'm Niamh, I'm new here.
I have a chronic illness which leaves me largely bedbound. The issue I'm having is I find nature helpful but with it being impossible for me to get out on the bed bound days I was wondering how I could bring nature indoors?!
Right now I have big French doors which let lots of light in and I get to see the garden which is helpful. I also have lots of cacti around my room , fish art and other bright colourful art, I find my nature sound track on my mental health app calming too. Donyou have any other ideas!?

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Re: Bringing nature indoors

Postby gabry » Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:43 am

Hi morethanaspoonie,
The only things I can think of are:
Fresh cut flowers
Pot plants (u can get some sort of water retention stuff so u don't have to water them often)
An air purifier that u can put some floral scent on like lavender
Dried or fake flowers (there's really cheap ones that look very real)
Bonsai, though u'd have to get a variety that will survive indoors.
One of those large tubes with colourful fake fish in that bob up and down - these look fantastic & very real, great to use at night
A biscuit tin garden - basically a large biscuit tin (plastic or metal), a few holes punched in the bottom, put on a plastic tray, fill the tin with fine compost & plant up with mosses, ferns, daisies, alpines etc (small growing plants. It won't last all year round, but makes a lovely green growing area.
A living wall - use a long tray/series of trays for troughs & the troughs (wilko do them for a few quid), some trellis (as high as u want) and place them against an indoor wall (I think it's recommended u actually fix them to the wall - I saw it done on Gardeners' World a few years back). Fill the troughs with compost & select suitable plants (like vine tomatoes in spring/summer)/clematis, passionflower/jasmine etc. If the room is well lit, they should grow ok & flower.
Don't mix compost with soil from the garden - pests get in that way.
I hope that inspires u some!
Take care,
Gabry x

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