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john lewis + fragrantica = my wife WTF

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john lewis + fragrantica = my wife WTF

Postby sanepain » Sun May 07, 2017 10:54 pm

john lewis + fragrantica = my wife 07.05.17

sunday afternoon
i was on a mission
finding this wife is not a moment to soon
admitting i need help is this decision.
don't no how it happened
lets hope john lewis don't feel cheated
my pencil is ready and sharpened
fragrantica i no won't have me defeated.
home work is carried
before it was never through followed
no fragrantica did equal not married
its the truth and must be swallowed.
the search has covered pure mileage
but now i have 3 to accomplish
i only go for longevity and silage
everything else to me is a punish.
dunhill-icon - bvlgari man extreme - egoiste chanel are loaded
on my shelf and will soon reveal
in highgate village this will be exploded
fragrantica and john lewis sit back and like me in reel. you can find the best smells here. today i got a brilliant offer as i payed less money for a bigger aftershave and that was due to the excellent customer service at my faverte ever store john lewis. you can find this and other poems on my youtube channel - highgate village poem -

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