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lost keys in highgate - breaking news

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lost keys in highgate - breaking news

Postby sanepain » Sat May 06, 2017 10:55 pm

is beenie man lost in highgate ? 06.05.17

we are close knit

thats why i offer my hand

highgate and beenie will now split

sorry but these folk won't understand.

adding my 10 cent

to give the needy a glimmor

the BMW was my own rent

but was this your bimmer.

tryed every door on the block

but no luck

transportation helped me move my stock

pass me the keys to that truck.

the chance of return is slimmer

but i am not going to crush

all this walking is keeping me trimmer

have to make do with love in a rush.

had my tickle

i want to help and be no meany

you are in a pickle

to the recue is me and beenie.

email me if you find

i got your number as the pick proves

please god this poem is not blind

sucsess is blareing beenie as it soothes. do you have these keys ? -

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