Suicidal exhaustion

When suicidal, people often feel they are living with constant, relentless demands on their energy and resources. The simplest things may feel impossible. Just continuing to live requires enormous effort.

Much of this suicidal exhaustion comes from the effort of living without self-worth and trust. People feel they have to keep hiding their feelings and performing a ‘role’ they identify with. To stop doing so would mean an utter loss of any value or meaning from life and a shameful sense of exposure.

For those who are aware of their exhaustion, death may come to seem the only possibility for rest. For others, life seems pointless and not worth the effort of continuing.

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In the audio clips a member of our research team talks about suicidal exhaustion. This is in three parts, starting from the top, or click here for a written version.

Below this, individuals, family and friends describe a range of ways in which they experienced or witnessed suicidal exhaustion.

Suicidal exhaustion: Parts 1, 2 and 3