Suicide Research

Project Staff

Outi_HorneOuti Benson

has worked at the research department at SANE since 2005. Her current post is Research Manager. Since graduating from University of London (Birkbeck College) with an MPhil in Philosophy, she has worked in the area of mental health research. Her main focus is on the subjective experience of mental health problems and how service user insights can be combined with philosophical theory and used to inform the science of psychopathology and care development.

She has one foot in London and the other foot in Oxford, where she lives with her partner Tom, baby son Oskar, and their two cats, Kissa and Bea. And the numerous other creatures the cats dragged in.

Susanne Gibson

Susanne Gibson has been a member of the research team since the beginning of 2010 and shares SANE’s commitment to researching mental health from the perspectives of those with first-hand experience. At present she is working primarily on two projects aimed at developing a better understanding of suicide.

Susanne has a PhD in Philosophy from Cardiff University and before joining SANE worked as an academic, specialising in medical and professional ethics. Since joining SANE she has extended this area of expertise to include research ethics. She has published in academic journals including Bioethics, Journal of Medical Ethics and Res Publica, as well as writing for a wider readership. Her interest in mental health is informed both by her study of philosophy and her experience of working as a volunteer counsellor for RELATE.

Having moved to London to take up her position with SANE, Susanne enjoys taking advantage of London’s cultural life, as well as spending time with family and friends.

Gareth_OwenGareth Owen

Gareth joined the SANE research team in June 2011 to work on the New focus for suicide prevention study. He is based at the Peninsula College of Medicine at the University of Exeter where he is a member of the mental health research group. Gareth is currently involved in projects investigating public involvement in suicide prevention; recognising the early signs of dementia; and the experience of ageing with HIV.

 Before completing a PhD in sociology, Gareth worked for many years as a medical social worker in London, where he particularly specialised in HIV/AIDS and end of life care. His research interests include the sociology of emotions; interpersonal interaction; gender and sexualities; and the lived experience of health and illness.

Dividing his time between London and a little cabin on Dartmoor, Gareth likes to spend his free time travelling and walking across the moors with his dog called Bess.

Zoe_BodenZoë Boden

Zoë Boden joined the research team at SANE in September 2012 to work on the Suicide Prevention Study and other research projects.

She joined SANE after undertaking a PhD in Psychology within the Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) research group at Birkbeck, University of London. Her thesis was a qualitative exploration of men’s experiences of guilt and guilt feelings, and allowed her to develop her interests in embodiment, temporality, narrative, and multi-modal data collection methods. Zoë has lectured at University of Greenwich, University of East London, and remains as Associate Lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London, where she teaches qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Zoë is looking forward to rediscovering her other interests, of writing, theatre, and food, having neglected them dramatically during her PhD. She originally worked in the performing arts and is particularly interested in the interplay between science and the arts, and the role of creativity in research and therapy.