Suicide Research

Suicide Research

Welcome to SANE’s suicide research. From 2009-2013, we carried out two major studies exploring the insights of people who have experienced suicidal feelings, have attempted suicide, or have been close to someone who has attempted or completed suicide. These projects are: 

  • The Experience of Suicidal Feelings
  • A New Focus for Suicide Prevention

BIG_Lottery_LogoA New Focus for Suicide Prevention was funded by a grant from the BIG Lottery Research Programme. Around 45 people were interviewed for this study; we would like to thank everyone who participated. Please visit the results page to see the findings.

The Experience of Suicidal Feelings was based on data gathered from 120 people using questionnaires and interviews, asking what it is like to feel suicidal. The study was completed in December 2013, and you can review the findings by clicking the ‘results’ tab above.  Thank you to everyone who has taken part, and to the James Wentworth-Stanley Memorial Fund for their financial support.

‘The Experience of Suicidal Feelings’ was approved by the Joint UCL/UCLH Committee on the Ethics of Human Research (Committee Alpha) ref 10/H0715/5 and the NRES Committee North East - Northern & Yorkshire ref 11/NE/0261

‘A New Focus for Suicide Prevention’ was approved by the East London & The City Research Ethics Committee Alpha, REC reference number 10/H0704/17

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