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Listed below is mental health comment SANE has published in the last 18 months. Please refer to the media centre archive for additional material.

Most antidepressant drugs are ineffective for children and teens, says study
08th Jun 2016
A study published by Lancet medical journal has found that most antidepressant drugs are ineffective for children and teens. Experts say that out of 14 drugs tested, only fluoxiten...
New blood test could help identify right treatments for people with depression
07th Jun 2016
Scientists have developed a blood test to help doctors select the right medication regime to treat patients with depression. The test, developed by researchers at Kings College Lon...
The Musician Capturing the Sounds of Schizophrenia
06th Jun 2016
Rob Bayley is a writer, producer and musician who has worked with mental health charity SANE for many years as a fundraiser and spokesman. Here, he discusses his latest p...
How Rebecca manages schizoaffective disorder without mental health services
20th May 2016
For Mental Health Awareness Week, we've asked people to tell us about the relationships that have helped them in their recovery. For Rebecca, it was the social connections she deve...
Rose Walters on battling anorexia: “Without my parents’ perseverance, I most definitely would have died or killed myself”
20th May 2016
This Mental Health Awareness Week, Rose Walters tells SANE how her struggle with anorexia would have been too much to bear without the support of her parents. At the age of 14, Ros...
Rob's story: "If I hadn't met my wife, I'd be in a secure unit for life"
19th May 2016
For Mental Health Awareness Week 2016, we have asked people to share their stories of the relationships that have had a profound impact on them. This is Rob's story. “Imagine...