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News And Comment

Listed below is mental health comment SANE has published in the last 18 months. Please refer to the media centre archive for additional material.

Singer Melissa James on the lookout for volunteers to sing for SANE
28th Jul 2016
Melissa James, an up-and-coming London-based singer, is looking for volunteers to take part in her new initiative, the SING4SANE Big Sing. She’s hoping to recruit dozens of p...
New study on research within the mental health charity sector
14th Jul 2016
Giving Evidence have released a new study detailing how charities access and use evidence to inform the services they provide. ‘An Exploration of the Evidence System of UK Me...
'Lads for SANE' take 147,600 steps in one day to help others take one positive step towards better mental health
07th Jul 2016
‘Lads for SANE’, a team of three long-time friends, completed an incredible feat of running 70 miles and climbing 14,000 feet  in one day  to raise over &poun...
Antidepressant prescriptions increased by more than any other drug in 2015, says study
05th Jul 2016
Prescriptions for antidepressants increased by more than any other drug in 2015, according to a new report released by HSCIC. In 2015, there were 61.0 million antidepressant items ...
Leading health bodies recommend decriminalising drugs
16th Jun 2016
A new report by two leading public health groups recommends that personal possession and use of all illegal drugs should be decriminalised. Taking A New Line On Drugs, published by...
Police put child with neurological disability in handcuffs, leg restraints and a spit hood
09th Jun 2016
Sussex Police used handcuffs, leg restraints and a spitting hood on an 11-year-old girl with neurological disability, according to a new report released by the Independen...