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Rachel Kelly launches mental health and wellbeing podcast featuring our CEO Marjorie Wallace and Max Pemberton
Added: 8th Oct 2020

A new podcast covering all aspects of mental health and wellbeing has been launched by Rachel Kelly, the bestselling author and ambassador for SANE.

Rachel is joined on the podcast by Marjorie Wallace, SANE’s founder and chief executive, and Max Pemberton, who is an NHS psychiatrist and a columnist for a range of publications.

The fun, lively and informative conversations begin with two episodes, covering the topics of medication and nutrition. They aim to demystify and inform people about subjects that can often feel daunting and confusing.

Rachel draws on her own experiences of depression and recovery, Marjorie speaks from her wealth of knowledge drawn from for more than thirty years of campaigning for people with mental illness, while Max draws on his own clinical experience to explain what the latest evidence tells us.

We hope listeners will find the podcasts as enjoyable and educational as they were to make.

You can listen to them here: and

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