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Annabel sews over 160 face masks and raises 1,655 for SANE!
Added: 1st Jul 2020

The last few months have been very challenging for many people’s mental health. Thanks to our dedicated fundraisers, SANE has been able to continue to support people with mental illness. 

This month’s Star Fundraiser is Annabel Wright who has been making face masks for friends, family and SANE supporters in return for a £10 donation – it’s been a real hit! 

During lockdown Annabel has kept herself busy designing these wonderful masks with a pretty cotton fabric cover and bamboo silk lining which is naturally antibacterial and sustainable. 

According to Annabel “I chose to support SANE as it is vital there are telephone lines and online forums in place to assist with this. SANE’s commendable commitment to the dissemination of knowledge and neuroscientific research is another reason I chose this wonderful charity.” 

Annabel’s concern for everyone’s mental health in such difficult times is very touching: “During the current COVID-19 outbreak I felt it was important to support those in crisis due to lockdown exacerbating that isolating feeling that often gives rise to mental illnesses. Social distancing may have physically disrupted support systems, so now more than ever, it is crucial to keep talking, keep in touch and keep checking in on one another.” 

Some of us at SANE purchased her face masks and were delighted with the overall quality and lovely choice of colours used. The face masks arrived wrapped in tissue paper and a little tied ribbon like a gift!  Annabel donated the material, packaging and postage for each face mask as well as her time. She has been so successful that for the past month she’s made over 160 masks!  

We asked Annabel what prompted her to sew face masks. “Sewing over 100 face masks was my way of keeping sane and focused throughout lockdown. It was a creative outlet that replaced the respite from work I usually find in socialising with friends and family. It was also a way to connect with the outside world at a time when physically we could not do so.” 

Annabel received lovely comments on her fundraising page from her satisfied customers/supporters. Here are a few: 

“Thank you so much, Annie, for the beautiful masks, and beautifully wrapped!” 

“Great cause and great face masks, Annabel. Thank you so much.” 

Thanks to Annabel and her supporters 165 people in crisis will have someone to talk to helping with their situation. Her fundraising will make a real difference to real people with real problems. 

If you would like to help SANE’s work by supporting Annabel’s fundraise, please visit her Just Giving page here. 

Annabel would like to send this message to her supporters: “A huge thank you to everyone who very generously donated to my fundraising initiative and who so greatly contributed to its success! “. 

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