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SANE comment on RCPsych press release on self-harming patients
Added: 21st Feb 2020

Please find below comment from Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of the mental health charity SANE, on the press release by the Royal College of Psychiatrists on self-harming patients:

“We are experiencing an epidemic of self-harm and suicidal behaviour, with many people either waiting too long for treatment or unable to access any help at all.

“At SANE we have been warning for years of increasing numbers of young people who harm themselves, as well as the worsening extent of the injuries that they inflict.

“Our concern is not just the assessment but that when people have been judged as being at risk of self-harm or suicide, they have been sent home from A&E and left to wait days for overburdened community teams to visit, if at all. During this period, we know of people who have gone on to take their own lives.

“We believe that urgent action is needed to ensure that not only do patients have safety plans but that when they reach crisis point, they can be taken into suitable units for assessment and protection.”

The RCPsych's press release can be found here.

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