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SANE comment on the CQCs State of Care report 2019
Added: 15th Oct 2019

Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of the mental health charity SANE, on the CQC's State of Care report 2019:

“This report presents a sad and stark contrast to all the positive campaigning messages encouraging people to speak out about their mental health problems. The trouble is the increasing demand is putting yet further pressure on mental health services already in breakdown.

“The stories we hear daily are of people who cannot find help when in crisis. They describe how they may wait for hours in A&E before being sent home, despite being suicidal. Others report being driven many miles out of area because there are no local beds available.

“Many wait days or even weeks for a home visit from overstretched crisis teams. Those that do get a hospital place may find themselves in understaffed wards, being looked after by nurses who struggle against the odds and who may not have the right qualifications or experience.

“Our biggest concern is that despite all the promises units continue to be closed, leaving those with urgent and complex needs with unsuitable care, or no care at all.”

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