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Patient choice in mental health services
Added: 17th Mar 2010

SANE very much supports the idea of patient choice in mental health services, and to mark World Mental Health Day 2008 we published the findings of research into the subject in the form of a policy briefing Choice in the English Mental Health System, available in out publications section, and below.

What our work showed was that although choice has been central to the government’s plans for reform of the NHS, and in 2006 the Care Services Improvement Partnership published a framework for extending choice in mental health services, choice in mental health continued to be an unmet need. We have therefore called for a choice framework to be developed defining key performance indicators to be delivered by all NHS trusts and monitored by the Care Quality Commission, and a review of the design and organisation of mental health services in order to support a dynamic, ongoing process of choosing care and shared decision making between patients, carers and health professionals.

Download the Choice Report

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