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Comment by SANE on mental health measures announced by Theresa May
Added: 17th Jun 2019

Responding to the mental health measures announced by the prime minister today, Marjorie Wallace, CEO of SANE, says: “We welcome the goodwill shown by the Prime Minister but, despite her pledges three years ago, we have little evidence that mental health care has improved. Currently the majority of children and young people referred to psychiatric help are turned away. Waiting times remain at weeks and months, and many people at serious risk of self-harm and suicide are being sent home without follow-up or driven hundreds of miles across the country for the few remaining beds.

“One of our concerns is that identifying the escalating needs of young people may only increase the pressures on a system already at breaking point. We need a dramatic infusion of new funds into frontline services to train and retain a mental health workforce before these ambitious plans will make any real difference.”

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