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Brave Sally raises 1,000 for SANE with charity head shave
Added: 3rd Jun 2019

Our fundraiser Sally Spicer bravely shaved off all of her hair and raised a whopping £1000!

After having a mastectomy to treat her breast cancer, Sally awaited the beginning of her chemotherapy: “I dreaded this treatment but decided to try and think of positive things I could do to fill my time.”

Instead of waiting for the inevitable effects of the treatment to happen, Sally took matters into her own hands:  “Losing my hair, like many cancer sufferers was one of my fears and I couldn’t face the idea of cold caps which sounded decidedly painful to say the least! I decided to have my head shaved and ask friends and family to sponsor me. Breast Cancer Care was an obvious charity to support but I also wanted to help a mental health charity… It also saved waiting for the inevitable when my hair would fall out in handfuls which seemed a much more difficult way to do it.”

Sally was motivated to raise funds for us as she has personal attachments to mental health: “My son, William suffers from schizophrenia and I have always felt it is such a misunderstood and tortuous illness. I have longed to do something to help research mental illness further so I asked William to search for mental health charities that did actually do research. We were very pleased to discover SANE, who not only help with research but also provide a lot of support to sufferers and carers. I think my family would have benefited from this charity’s support in the past had we known about them. It is comforting to know they are there for any future crisis.” We are very grateful for her support.

Sally was shocked by the overwhelming support she received: “I sent an email out to all my friends and family as well as putting a comment on Facebook asking for donations towards my head shave. I didn’t use a charity fundraising page because I felt it helped me to have something to do and I wanted to personally thank people who had donated. I was bowled over by people’s kindness and generosity in supporting me as the donations kept rolling in. I had donations from as far away as America and also from people who didn’t even know me! Before long I had collected almost £2000 which my partner and I topped up to make a round figure of £1000 for each cause.”

The £1000 raised by Sally’s inspiring fundraising efforts will go towards research into the causes and treatments of severe mental illness. On the behalf of everyone you’ll allow us to help, thank you Sally!

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