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SANE responds to today's Budget announcements on mental health spending
Added: 29th Oct 2018

Responding to the proposed increases in government spending on mental health announced in today’s Budget, Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of SANE, says:“The increase in spending for mental healthcare is welcome and we are particularly pleased to see a focus on improving the care and treatment of children.

“But given the decimation of services in recent years, the extra 2 billion can only go a small way, and only if the money actually reaches frontline services this time.

“Unless we see the promised dedicated teams attached to A&E departments and schools, together with the restoration of available psychiatric beds and units, both children and adults will still have no place to go when in need of inpatient care and longer-term treatment.

“We urge that the new funds should provide for more consultants, nurses, and hospital units for seriously ill people, who need far more than crisis cafes can possibly provide."

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