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Mental health should start at home
Added: 9th Oct 2018

Comment from Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of SANE, on the global ministerial mental health summit hosted by the health secretary Matt Hancock: “While we applaud the intention, it is striking that the UK should be hosting such a summit when we hear daily about people left untreated due to a lack of nurses and doctors. This failure of psychiatric services has huge social and economic implications.

"Two years ago, Theresa May announced a comprehensive plan to tackle the ‘hidden injustice’ of mental illness in our country, yet in recent weeks there have been disturbing reports that people are being detained in police cells for up to six days for the lack of NHS beds; that one in four children referred to specialist services are being turned away; patients and their families still have to travel hundreds of miles across the country to receive inpatient care; and lives are being damaged due to years-long waits to get treatment.

“We question the value of worthy initiatives to raise awareness while most individuals in the UK facing a crisis today struggle to receive any help at all. The prime minister must examine our own mental health system before addressing other countries.”

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