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Celebrities join #InMyShoes for World Mental Health Day
Added: 8th Oct 2018

Celebrity supporters of the national charity SANE have joined a social media campaign for World Mental Health Day, asking people to take a moment to put themselves in somebody else’s shoes.

#InMyShoes will feature former England international footballer Stan Collymore, Team GB sprinter Ashleigh Nelson, professional dancer Robin Windsor and TV gardener David Domoney as they discuss the importance of talking about mental health and seeking support early.

The message of #InMyShoes, which has been created by SANE and video production company Mornington Media, is of putting yourself in the shoes of other people and thereby understanding that anyone, regardless of age, wealth or fame, can be impacted by mental ill-health.

Short films featuring the celebrities will be released on 10th October to mark World Mental Health Day, with the videos playing on the iconic footwear each supporter is famous for wearing.

Stan Collymore, who became a SANE ambassador in January, says: “I was once told by a clinical psychologist that scoring goals would make me feel better and make my depression go away. I scored the goals. But I didn’t feel better. It’s important for us to take time to reflect on our mental health and this is the reason why I’m pleased to be a part of #InMyShoes.”

It is estimated that one in six adults will experience a common mental health condition in the UK in any given week.

SANE has been campaigning to raise awareness of mental health for more than three decades, promoting research and providing emotional support.

Ashleigh Nelson, 4x100m European gold medallist, says: “The reason I support SANE is because it makes me feel OK to not always feel OK. This film project captures that feeling; it shows why it’s so important for everyone to feel confident in talking about how they really are.”

Robin Windsor, who starred in Strictly Come Dancing for four seasons, says: “Dance has helped me through my own journey so I was pleased to lend my support to #InMyShoes, and show the world that it really is OK to not be OK sometimes, and to ask for help.”

David Domoney, best known as co-presenter of ITV’s Love Your Garden and as the resident gardening expert on This Morning, says: “I’m delighted to be supporting #InMyShoes and raising awareness this World Mental Health Day. Just like a seed, our mental health needs nurturing and room to grow.”

A teaser video for #InMyShoes has been released today ahead of World Mental Health Day. It can be viewed on SANE’s Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram pages.

Each celebrity’s video will be shared on Wednesday, 10th October on these platforms, with followers encouraged to show their support by taking their own ‘shoe selfie’.

Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of SANE, says: “The aim of our #InMyShoes campaign is to encourage people to look out for each other so that those who feel they may have problems can seek support as early as possible. We are grateful to our supporters for sharing their experiences in these films, which we hope will give others the courage to speak out.”

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