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Fifth of 14-year-old girls say they have self-harmed
Added: 29th Aug 2018

More than a fifth of 14-year-old girls say they have self-harmed, according to a new report by the Children's Society.

Responding to the findings,†Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of SANE, says:†“These findings are very troubling, not least because children’s mental health services are in crisis, with many young people either waiting far too long for treatment or unable to access any kind of help at all.

“For young girls, who can be sensitive to issues such as family conflict and pressures to succeed at school, there is the newer challenge of the power of the internet, the influence of virtual friends, and the way in which social media can have a potentially destructive effect on issues such as body image or sex.

“Given that the majority of mental illness starts in adolescence, we are daily losing the opportunity to protect the mental health of future generations.”

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