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SANE comment on calls to legalise cannabis
Added: 20th Jun 2018

Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of SANE, says: “What Lord Hague and those others campaigning for cannabis to be legalised seem to take into insufficient account of is the infinity of difference between the role of cannabis, such as cannabis oil, in alleviating medical conditions and its use as a recreational substance. We have long campaigned for it to be allowed as prescribed treatment, including for pain relief and long-term conditions.

“We would, however, invite those campaigners to visit a psychiatric ward to meet people, many of them young, who have been robbed of their mental stability and life chances by taking the drug, especially in its stronger forms such as skunk. They should also meet the heartbroken parents who have had to witness how the minds of their sons and daughters have been hijacked by its psychotic effects. These parents have just as much right to fight to protect the mental health of their children as have those of children with epilepsy to fight for the medical relief that cannabis can bring.

“There is a critical distinction to be made between decriminalisation and legalisation when so much is at stake.”

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