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Riding through London at night
Added: 15th Jun 2018

Fundraisers cycle 100km through London at night for SANE!

The charity bike-ride Nightrider took place on 9th June where those who took part cycled through London’s streets at night. The event began at approx. at 11.15pm and finished 6 hours later the next morning!

SANE had four wonderful fundraisers take part who all braved the 100km route.


As a sufferer of anxiety, Kevin cycled with a purpose – to not only raise money, but awareness.’

He struggled to open up about his anxiety and found it hard to live with. Researching into mental health charities has helped enable him to manage it in his day to day life.

‘I remember feeling very lost, alone and ashamed. Once I spoke to somebody and did a little research, it was if the cloud had lifted. I was given the support and knowledge to be able to tackle my anxiety.’

He has close friends and family who suffer with mental health issues, such as OCD, depression and suicide, so it is a very relevant issue in his life.

‘Through the work of charities such as SANE I'm hoping that many other people will be able to discuss and get the knowledge required to deal with their mental health as I was.'

Kevin enjoyed the bike ride and found it ran smoothly and was well organised.

We think Kevin did a fantastic job slamming down on stigma, so well done and thank you!


David has raised nearly £500 for SANE, which is fantastic!

After having previously taken part in Nightrider, he decided this year he wanted to cycle for mental health. So he got his cycling gear ready and took on the day with great determination, accompanied with his friend Mike who was raising money for the British Heart Foundation.

‘Mental health is important to everyone's well-being, but is an area of health care which is underfunded and whose services are oversubscribed. I have personal experience with family and friends battling with mental health issues and service providers doing their best, with overstretched resources, to provide the best care they can.’

He believes that ‘it is vital that mental and physical well-being are given equal status,’ and we couldn’t agree more!

Nightrider is a unique way to see London in its bright lights and that is what David liked about this event.

David was greatly supported by close friends and family through his Just Giving page and we thank you all who donated and encouraged David on his fundraising venture!

Rebecca and Arianna 

Friends, Rebecca and Arianna, raise good points when asked why they cycled 100km for SANE.

They said:

‘We want to raise awareness around mental health; there is a need for change in public attitudes, for a stronger statutory approach and for holistic support for those experiencing mental illness as well as those around them. We want to put an end to the shame that is linked with mental health and create a society where people feel they can talk honestly and openly about their experiences.’

Amen to that!

Together, they have raised over £680 for SANE which is just fantastic!

When choosing who to fundraise for, they both agree that we stood out. Arianna mentions how the SANEline could be a good port-of-call for those who are in need of emotional support.

‘I think that SANE stood out to me because the support they offer does not stop at the person who is experiencing difficulties with their mental health, but it extends to those around and closest to them. I know the feeling of helplessness when someone you love is in a really bad place – the feeling that nothing you say or do will change the situation.

The SANEline would have helped me navigate such times; I want for everyone to be able to access to support in times of need.’

Rebecca sees how deep-routed mental health stigma is in society and knew cycling for SANE was definitely worth it.

‘In today's world, we are surrounded by people who are afraid or unable to speak out about their issues. I have seen it in adults and young children who struggle to find support so their issues become so deep and sometimes unmanageable.’

These two ladies have worked and cycled hard to help change the discussion on mental health and we could not be prouder of their achievements – so a thank you from us!

Thank you to all our amazing cyclists and to our other amazing fundraisers – your hard work, passion and dedication to SANE’s cause is truly admirable!

Your work is essential in our growth and reach and you are helping SANE change mental health for good, indefinitely.

Look out for the photos on SANE’s Twitter and Instagram.

If you have been inspired by this story and would like to fundraise for better mental health, we'd love to hear from you! From fun run to marathon, quiz to karaoke, there's an idea to suit everyone. Email or call 0203 805 1790.

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