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Running in memory of Margaret Mulhern
Added: 6th Jun 2018

SANE fundraiser ran a marathon in memory of her late godmother.

Sonia chose to run the Edinburgh Marathon Festival Full Marathon for SANE, as her godmother Margaret found our work important and ‘of great significance’.

Margaret sadly passed away on 7th October last year and Sonia remembers her beautiful godmother as ‘an incredibly influential and amazing lady’.

‘She really was one in a million, a person that you may only meet once but would never forget. She will forever be in my heart and my thoughts.’

Sonia ran the whole 26.2 miles and passed some of Edinburgh’s historic landmarks.  These included the oldest universities in the world, Edinburgh Castle and the world’s oldest golf course!

She completed the run in an incredible 4 hours and 25 minutes!

‘I had an absolutely amazing time. It was a very emotional experience but great all the same. I finished in 4hrs 25mins so all the training paid off, I was really pleased with the time.’

Her two favourite supporters cheered for her on the day - her son Dillon and her partner Pete.

So far, Sonia has raised nearly £800 for SANE, which is fantastic! She has received great wishes of encouragement from her friends and loved ones on her fundraising page.

She found solace in running during her recovery from her own mental health struggles and found it fitting to run for a mental health charity.

In her low time, she was greatly supported by workers in the mental health field and wanted to give something positive in return.

 ‘I feel it is important to destigmatise mental health and give those affected by this often debilitating illness, the encouragement and confidence to seek the support they need. It can happen to any of us!  I'm sure in the future I will be in contact again as I would love to raise more money for such a worthy charity.’

We would like to commend Sonia on her bravery and passion in helping destigmatise mental health to those around her in a positive way.

She has done a fantastic job and is a true inspiration – well done! We look forward to hearing more from her future fundraising!

Look out for the photos on SANE’s Twitter and Instagram.

If you have been inspired by Sonia's story and would like to fundraise for better mental health, we'd love to hear from you! From fun run to marathon, quiz to karaoke, there's an idea to suit everyone. Email or call 0203 805 1790.

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