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Walking for mental health
Added: 11th Apr 2018

SANE fundraiser walks 70 miles over four days for SANE!

Rachael Barrow challenged herself to the Teesdale Way walking route on 22nd March. She started at Landgon Beck and finished in Yarn.  She began walking with her close family and friends then continued the last three days on her own.

‘I am amazed to say that I didn’t get lost, but my main challenge was the good old English weather as of course, it rained... The walk went better than I could have hoped for and my legs weren’t aching too much by the end of it!’

Rachael suffers from depression and anxiety and wanted to complete this walk to raise awareness of SANE’s work.

‘The work that SANE does to not only support those who are suffering from mental health issues but to remove the stigma around it is something that I have a real passion for.’

Walking gives Rachael an excuse to put on her trainers and leave the house. She says walking helps clear her mind and helps rid of her low moods.

‘The countryside doesn’t care if you did your hair today or what colour jacket you’re wearing, you can just be free. I would always recommend walking to anybody who is suffering with anxiety or depression.’

So far, she has raised nearly £1,360 and we couldn’t be more thrilled! 

Rachael has received great support from those close to her and we want to thank all those who have helped her along the way – what an achievement!

‘I have been on the mend ever since I opened up about how I was feeling. Being honest with myself and those around me and hearing the stories of others who had also suffered and understood how I was feeling was the biggest help.'

Look out for the photos on SANE’s Twitter and Instagram.

If you have been inspired by Rachael's story and would like to fundraise for better mental health, we'd love to hear from you! From fun run to marathon, quiz to karaoke, there's an idea to suit everyone. Email or call 0203 805 1790. 

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