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Linkin Park tribute gig for SANE
Added: 22nd Feb 2018

Linkin Park tribute gig raises money for SANE!

SANE supporter Paige Greene held a gig on 16th February, in memory of the late Chester Bennington. The night celebrated his life and raised awareness of mental health.

News of the artist’s suicide in July last year left Paige devastated.

‘Linkin Park have been such a huge influence for me over the last 17 years and I know I was not alone in the pain I felt. How fragile a life can be regardless of who you are.’

Working for Exile Promotions, she and her team joined up with Hybrid Theory - The UK’s leading Linkin Park Tribute band. 

The event took place at the Opium- Alternative Club & Bar, in Edinburgh. The team were greatly helped by Freak Show, 3rd Mile and AshleighAbsurd. Hybrid Theory rocked the stage and put on a spectacular show!

Paige says:

‘It was more than I could have ever hoped for.’

The gig raised over £620 for SANE, which is incredible!

We wanted to thank those who took part in making the event such a success and also to Paige’s passion and efforts in really raising this awareness. We are very thankful at SANE for all you have done and here’s to shining the light on Chester’s life.

“Love is the thing that makes us want to become better people. It’s the thing that keeps us connected to others. It’s the thing that gives us compassion. It’s the thing that gives us the drive to do really great things with our lives, and it’s the thing that you can always depend and count on when you can’t count on anything else.” Chester Bennington, 2012.

Look out for the photos on SANE’s Twitter and Instagram.

If you have been inspired by this story and would like to fundraise for better mental health, we'd love to hear from you! From fun run to marathon, quiz to karaoke, there's an idea to suit everyone. Email or call 0203 805 1790. 

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