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SANE's response to Lancet study on antidepressants
Added: 22nd Feb 2018

A major study has found antidepressants work better than placebosfor adults with acute depression.

Published in the Lancet, the meta-analysis of 522 trials and 116,477 people found 21 common anti-depressants were all more effective at reducing symptoms.

Responding to the findings, Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of the mental health charity SANE, says:“While we are all too aware that antidepressants can have adverse side-effects, for some people with severe depression they can make all the difference, lifting their mood sufficiently to enable them to benefit from talking therapies and other treatments.

“We still do not know the exact causes of depression but it is likely that it does have a genetic and biological component, which can most effectively be tackled by medication. For those who can benefit, this study should be welcome news.”

You can read the report in the Lancet here.

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