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AnyVan teams up with SANE to support Black Dog Campaign
Added: 25th Aug 2017

SANE is proud to announce a partnership with AnyVan, after the delivery company volunteered to transport our Black Dog statues across the UK in their ‘Magic Van’.

AnyVan are going to support SANE’s Black Dog Campaign by moving the 3ft fibreglass statues round the UK to corporate headquarters, public spaces, schools, universities and more.

The Black Dog has been used from classical mythology through medieval folklore to modern times as a universal metaphor for depression: Sir Winston Churchill famously used it to describe his darker moods. It forms the basis for SANE’s campaign to raise awareness of depression and other mental illnesses, and encourage people to seek help.

Imposing sculptures of Black Dogs wearing coats designed by artists, celebrities or others and standing on a plinth featuring SANEline and other sources of help have been placed in business foyers, public parks and shopping centres in towns and cities throughout the UK, and have become particularly popular touring schools and universities, encouraging people to find a more accessible language in which to express their inner feelings of anxiety, loneliness or despair.

AnyVan will lend their ‘Magic Van’, a designated vehicle used by the company to reward good deeds by charities with free moves, to carry out the road movements, which will help SANE’s costs.

The company is also going to be giving their ‘Magic Van’ some special livery to help raise awareness of key initiatives.

James Ebdon, marketing director at AnyVan, says: "The AnyVan team are delighted to be helping SANE raise awareness of mental health problems with the brilliant Black Dog Campaign. We're looking forward to moving more of the fabulous Black Dog statues across the UK there than ever before, helping SANE to reach more people than ever.”

Joanna Christophi, head of fundraising and marketing at SANE, says: “It’s an amazing opportunity to raise the profile of the Black Dog. We are grateful to AnyVan for helping us combat stigma in mental health.”

Click here to find out where the Black Dog statues are currently in the country.

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