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Report shows psychiatric patients waiting more than three years to be discharged from units
Added: 3rd Aug 2017

Mental health patients are spending years in acute units despite being medically fit to be discharged, figures obtained by BBC News show.

At least 91 psychiatric patients have waited more than a year to be discharged in the last two years, and at least seven patients waited more than two years.

The longest delay in England was for a 62-year-old patient at 1,159 days.

Responding to the figures, Margaret Edwards, director of strategy and communications at SANE, says: “It is unacceptable that some psychiatric patients are facing long delays in being discharged from inpatient care.

“As well as denying people the specialist follow-up care they may need, this adds to the already severe pressures on available beds.

“It is critical that more places are provided for people requiring rehabilitation, or who have other longer term needs, as well as community based facilities.”

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